Are You an Inspirational Leader? Consultonomics Ltd Outline Important Leadership Styles Every Business Should Know

Leadership cannot be defined as a singular trait, claims Consultonomics Ltd. The outsourced sales and marketing firm highlights six inspirational styles of leadership which most businesses fail to promote.

There are many different opinions on what makes a good business leader and the qualities required can be a little hard to define. However it’s universally acknowledged that a great leader is an individual who inspires their work force to do better, not because they have to, but because they want to. Managing a work force by providing the necessary means for them to succeed in their roles is all very well and good, however a truly creative leader will encourage and energise their team, fuelling them towards success. Without leadership all the resources available to a business run the risk of falling flat as a strong leader is what brings the operation together and allows the business to fully achieve its potential.

Consultonomics Ltd has outlined the following six leadership styles designed to get the most from a work force, not only to increase productivity, but to challenge and inspire individuals to share the business vision.

The Pillar

The Pillar inspires through their unquestionable dedication to the business. By understanding that creativity still requires some form of structure, this style of leader influences their team to want to be better through staying level headed and organised.

The Empowerer

The Empowerer pays very close attention to an individuals’ strengths and assigns tasks based on these observations. This not only ensures that they’ve chosen the best possible person for the job, but by allowing an individual to take a task and run with it gives them a great deal of self-belief and helps fuel a bright and confident work force.

The logician

By being a highly efficient problem solver, the Logician inspires their team to look at things from a different perspective in order to reach their full potential. This honest and upfront leadership approach allows for solutions to be reached quickly and the thorough, straight to the point working style of the leader is reflected throughout the team.

The Visionary

The visionary is a fearless leader who takes the standard and ordinary and strives to go one better. By seeing what others don’t see the visionary’s sheer determination and enthusiasm for their field is reflected and amplified throughout their team, encouraging individuals to take on new challenges through the belief that nothing is impossible.

The impassioned

This creative leader truly loves what they do and would happily turn their hand to almost any aspect of the business in order for it to succeed. Through dedication their whole hearted passion is infectious and inspires individuals to really believe in what they are doing within their own roles.

The Perfectionist

With an impeccable eye for detail the perfectionist may sometimes be perceived as a little tough, however this is a leader who gets results. By refusing to accept anything they believe to be subpar the perfectionist encourages individuals to have pride in their work and to utilise their skills to their full potential.

Consultonomics Ltd believes these six leadership styles are important in getting the most out of any business. As an outsourced sales and marketing firm Consultonomics Ltd understands the difference an inspiring leader can make to a company’s productivity and ability to work together efficiently. Consultonomics Ltd work to build effective marketing campaigns and strategies to get their clients closer to their customers. By working through their clients’ objectives and goals, they help them to fully understand their customers’ needs in a competitive market through a more personal and direct marketing approach.


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